GTA San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3.7

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It lets you implement all types of multiplayer modes for GTA: San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer has been developed by a group of fans. It's the adaptation for the well-known Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas videogame for the San Andreas mod already used in Vice City, the previous installment of the GTA saga. As is easily seen, GTA San Andreas Multiplayer is a mod that lets you play GTA San Andreas in multiplayer mode.

It consists of a Pawn, a creation setting via scripts that´s easy to comprehend and that also has loads of documentation and help in forums and open code game modules.

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer offers you an alleged 5000 players from all over the world playing games in various modes created via Pawn scripts at the same time. The main advantage is that you yourself define what your experience will be like, personalizing all the elements and aspects. There are various modes you can choose from, for example deathmatch, roleplay and also cops and robbers. The game modes depend on which game server you connect to, although some are seen as "Freeroam" where they offer the complete range of activities.

NOTE: This GTA San Andreas Multiplayer is only compatible with GTA:SA DVD game for the PC version 1. Version 2 requires a third party patch to downgrade it. Steam and Direct2Drive versions are not currently supported.


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